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About Our Company

Saxan Ceramic has made it a tradition of Introducing Revolutionary Innovations. Since the start of the group's manufacturing activities, we have been leaders in innovations. We are adding one more concept for the world to behold. We are proud to introduce to the ceramic world, the revolution called Digital Printing. We have made all the technological as well as design and Development exercises and are ready to storm the markets with these mind boggling new products.

For details, Digital Printing Technology in ceramic tiles enables us to print anything and every thing onto the tiles with Unlimited & Everlasting Colours. Feel Effect with Punches, Grooves & Tappers. Unlike the limitation of same design on a number of tiles. With this technology, your logo or your photos can be printed onto the tiles.

We have made advancements in the technology to such a level that we can boast to be the real leader in Customer Satisfaction as well.

The company has well - established dealer network throughout the whole country and also it has also marked its presence in export market of various small and big countries throughout the world.


Our Export Department have its wings spread out to almost more than 20 countries across the globe some of them including, Africa, and South East Asia etc. Our Global presence can be reached through our Dealers, Distributors and Agents all over.

We provide minimum turnaround time on export orders as we have wild range of Product for Exports requirements, also we have separate Product range and Size for only Export Market and Back up Team for Post Shipment Documentation.

The world is a village we would like to serve. To reach and conquer the corners of the earth, we have entailed logistics facilities. Our prime concern remains providing the intact wall tiles to our customers based overseas.

For this, we have established Export Facilitation Centre which primarily looks after the quality of export, efficient transit process and timely delivery of export. Spenzzer has also invested in securing a base at port and state of art equipment to assist the export packaging and transfer.